The German Real Estate Asset Trust GmbH is committed to the tradition of honorable merchants. Transparency, honesty, down-to-earth attitude and entrepreneurial spirit are the pillars of our daily work. We are trustworthy partners for the buyers of our residential units, the investors who trust us with their capital and all other parties involved in our missions.

When choosing investments, we focus on sustainability, aside from classical real estate circles or trends. Whether it comes to renovating listed buildings, constructing new tailor-made buildings or to develop entire new urban areas, GREAT delivers strategies with growing potential for consistent values. Our experienced staff fulfill all requirements for transparent and lucrative investment strategies and only offer options which realign with real market legislation.

RELIABLE and stable at value

During the past years the German real estate investment market has proven to be safe and stable. Not only institutional and accredited investors have benefited from the outstanding return potential in Germany. Also private buyers have long discovered the advantages of real estate to focus on their property as investment.

Leading business publications state that 68% of all Germans prefer a property as retirement provision instead of the legal pension.

Times where attractive real estate is only to be found in the so called 7 top locations are long gone. Also the outskirts of metropolitan areas and cities of average size, the so called B locations, have growing economical and demographical indicators as well as outstanding infrastructures. Because lower risk and less prone price fluctuations, such locations offer extensive investment opportunities, which combine the advantages of the stable German real estate market with attractive returns.

Our renowned sourcing partners know the German real estate market from the back of their hand and are, in combination with our established network, in a position to project properties and plots before they are traded on the open market. Expertise and strategic intuition are the factors that inspire our visions to create consistent values for generations to come.