Together with our partners we implement exactly the kind of projects the market is in demand for. Re-developed historic monuments which we - through modern structurally engineered standards - convert into the future are, besides new projects, also part of our portfolio. At selected locations with high demand on residential space, our targeted neighborhood development enhances housing density. Due to this, buyers get space, comfort and accomodation in prime locations.

The housing market in large cities is tight. Due to a lack of space, conventional construction projects can no longer satisfy the need for modern homes in close proximity to city centres. By renovating listed properties, GREAT creates attractive living space in excellent locations. It is often possible to extend these older buildings by adding new construction elements without violating the regulations of preservation orders.

Our local distribution partners are familiar with our buyers’ interests and provide them with those properties which meet their personal, commercial and lucrative investment interests. Listed buildings provide homebuyers with the possibility in writing off taxes in a span of several years, being up to 100% of the renovation costs.

An appealing lifestyle, the possibility of tax write-offs and extensive personal support are just some of the numerous aspects that make our properties so popular amongst buyers. The success of our targeted real estate development is a testimony to our solid strategy and creates secure and stable values for generations.