GROWTH - sustainable and innovative

The key to success in sustainable residential concepts is in particular the merging of commercial and technical skills. Our partners in construction- & project management are reliable experts, who can deliver swift and efficient solutions regarding applied construction work. Starting with the basic evaluation, pre-planning and cost estimation to the participation of the assignment and final project management, we are working hand in hand with experts in construction- & project management and selected architects. With the assistance of such partners we compile constructional drawings which meet the requirements of regulations and potential buyers.


The strong economic situation, the continuously growing GDP and the decreasing unemployment rate make Germany an attractive economic location, giving the necessary guaranty for investments.

Our projects are usually based on the individual needs of our investors and are tailor-made asset solutions, which are usually liquidated for profitable repatriation within 18 – 24 months. Our contract management is supervised by a German investment bank. Our distinction is based on profitable projects, land registry charged securities and an independent structure of trustees.

Energy-efficient LIVING

Sustainability of our residential concepts has greatest priority. Measurements to increase energy-efficiency has become standard procedure for all new construction projects. Listed buildings, on the other hand, are no longer fulfilling the requirements of our clients, unless competently renovated.

Incorporating smart energy-efficient systems into the renovation of listed buildings enables us to significantly lower the C02-emission. We therefore generate individual living space at highest energy standards for our clients.